Vintage coats are like treasure chests from the past. These coats often feature high-quality materials like wool, cashmere, or tweed, and are crafted with beautiful buttons, elegant stitching, and unique patterns. These coats are hard to find in today’s modern world, but 42Lolita is a brand that still sells vintage coats that bring a touch of nostalgia and sophistication.


42Lolita is a well-known brand synonymous with quality and creativity in the fashion industry. From twisted lace details to luxurious fabrics, 42Lolita’s coats express the essence of vintage fashion blending a cultural touch of whimsy. This brand coats not only keep you warm but also showcase the true meaning of fashion sense.


Let’s explore the best-selling coats by 42Lolita that you can opt for.


Top 4 42Lolita’s Best-Selling Coats 

Dive into the fantasy of vintage fashion with 42Lolita attractive coat designs. From delicate pieces of lace detailing to modern fabrics, these coats will make a statement in your wardrobe.


Here are the top 4 best-selling coats:


Princess Chronicles-The Night Prelude-Ouji 42Lolita Corset Vest 

This vintage-inspired Medieval Ouji 42Lolita long vest coat is all about that cool dark vibe mixed with classic elegance. With its unique corset lacing design, featuring buttons and criss-cross lace-up at the front, and more lace-up details at the back, it's a standout piece for sure. 


The features of this Ouji vest coat are as under:


  • Easy waist adjustment.

  • Accurate fit.

  • A lapel collar adds a touch of simplicity and elegance to the design.

  • This 42Lolita Vest coat is gender neutral.

  • Fabric: Outer: 75% polyester and 25% rayon; Lining: polyester.

  • Size available: small, medium, large, and x large. 

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To have this statement piece buy Princess Chronicles - The Night Prelude - Ouji 42Lolita Corset Vest priced at $45.99.


MIST-Little Heart-Sweet 42Lolita Thick Cardigan Sweater Coat

This coat is designed to look like a cardigan sweater, which has little heart prints on it. The sweater coat has a drop-off cardigan which caters to a wider audience of girls.


More features of this cardigan sweater coat: 


  • It has puff sleeves, a ruffled hem, and heart-shaped buttons.

  • Available Colors: yellow, pink, and off-white.

  • Available sizes: small, and large.

  • Fabric: 50% Rayon, 22% nylon, 28% PBT.

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To have this sweet and thick cardigan coat buy MIST-Little Heart-Sweet 42Lolita Thick Cardigan Sweater Coat priced at $20.99.


Princess Chronicles~ShenYao~Ouji 42Lolita Winter Black Long Coat

This is a winter coat which is named Ouji 42Lolita Coat. It is medium length with a special collar, button down the front, wide sleeves, and a unique shape; short in the front and long in the back. 


More features are listed below of this winter Ouji coat:


  • Only available in black color which is good to match it with other 42lolita fashionable clothes.

  • Fabric: 50% Nylon, 20% polyester and 30% acrylic fibers.

  • It has a waistless design which offers limitless comfort. 

  • It's for both men and women. 

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To avail of this winter 42Lolita coat buy Princess Chronicles~ShenYao~Ouji 42Lolita Winter Black Long Coat priced at $59.99.


Designer's Gift~Christmas New Year Winter 42Lolita JSK Coat Set

This charming winter 42Lolita ensemble comprises a cropped white jacket paired with a JSK (Jumperskirt). The white coat and JSK can be purchased separately as well as purchased together.


Below are more features of this white jacket which is with JSK:


  • Fabric: White coat: Dragon and phoenix cloth, crepe de chine lining, and JSK: Slub hemp.

  • It has a small white coat with a Peter Pan collar, round pearl buttons at the front, and cuffs. 

  • It also has pin tucks, a red heart with white lace decoration, and a red bow tie on the front.

  • It is decorated with a small red bow on the back collar.

  • Red ribbons with gold thread on the shoulder straps, and bust.

  • Available sizes: small, medium, large.

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To avail of this winter JSK set buy Designer's Gift~Christmas New Year Winter 42Lolita JSK Coat Set priced at $22.99.


Immortal Thorn-Forever Date In The Dark~Sleeveless Ouji 42Lolita Coat

This sleeveless Ouji fashion coat doubles as a long Ouji vest, ideal for stylish 42Lolita boys. Its versatile black hue effortlessly complements a variety of 42Lolita blouses. 


Here are the features of the sleeveless Ouji coat: 


  • This coat has a lace-up back and buttoned front.

  • It is short at the front and long at the back.

  • Suitable for Spring and Autumn wear.

  • Fabric: 70% dacron+30% rayon

  • Inner lining: 100% polyester, twill weave.

  • Available sizes: small, medium, large, and large.

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To have this dark Ouji sleeveless coat buy Immortal Thorn-Forever Date In The Dark~Sleeveless Ouji 42Lolita Coat priced at $78.99.


42Lolita designs coats that look like from the past but are still super stylish today. This brand uses fancy stuff to make their coats and other clothes look cool. With their unique lace designs and fancy fabrics, 42Lolita makes coats that are not only warm but also show off your fashion sense in a classy way.


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