Top 5 Affordable Shower Enclosures from Elegant Showers


Looking for a budget-friendly shower enclosure? Check out our top 5 picks from Elegant Showers, offering style, quality, and affordability in one package.


Shopping for a shower enclosure can often feel overwhelming, especially when you`re trying to balance style, quality, and affordability. Many well-known stores like B&Q and other competitors in the UK offer high-quality options, but they often come with hefty price tags. But don`t worry, finding an elegant yet budget-friendly option is entirely possible. Elegant Showers offers a range of shower enclosures that not only look great but also fit comfortably within your budget. In this guide, we`ll highlight our top 5 picks, each offering a blend of style, quality, and value. Whether you`re renovating your bathroom or just looking to upgrade your shower, these options will help you make a smart and stylish choice. Let`s dive into the details and explore the best affordable shower enclosures from Elegant Showers.

5 Best Shower Enclosures To Consider From Elegant Showers

When ordering from Elegant Showers, it’s essential to be aware of their delivery guidelines to ensure a smooth process. Make sure to input the correct delivery address and the exact product and quantity required at the time of purchase. If any details are incorrect, notify Elegant Showers within 30 minutes to request an update. Delivery times can vary depending on the items ordered, and there might be additional postage charges if you`re not present at the time of delivery. Free postage is available for most areas in the UK, but certain postcodes may require additional charges. Shipping is managed by partners like Tuffnells, UK MAIL, LTS, and Royal Mail, with delivery typically between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm on business days. 

For any issues or queries, Elegant Showers’ customer service team is available to assist. With that said, let`s talk about these gorgeous shower enclosures. 

Elegant 700mm Walk-In Shower Panel Wet Room 8mm Easy Clean Nano Glass Shower Screen

Transform your bathroom with the Elegant 700mm Walk-In Shower Panel Wet Room, now available for just £94.99 on sale (down from £109.99). Enhance your shower experience with this luxurious and stylish enclosure, featuring 8mm thick safety glass supported by polished chrome bracing arms for robust stability.

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The easy-clean nano glass coating ensures that wiping away watermarks is effortless, keeping your shower looking pristine with minimal effort. Simple to install directly onto a shower tray, this panel offers ample space without the need for extensive waterproofing of your entire bathroom floor. Add a shower tray to complete your setup and enjoy the perfect blend of elegance and functionality in your home.

Elegant Walk In Shower Enclosure Wet Room 1850mm Height

Elevate your bathroom with the Elegant Walk-In Shower Enclosure Wet Room, priced at £95.99. This versatile enclosure comes with an option to add a front panel for a custom fit. Available in various glass sizes (700, 760, 800, 900, 1000mm) and standing at 1850mm in height, it features 6mm safety tempered glass for durability.

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The corrosion-resistant polished aluminum frame ensures a stable and secure structure, while the concealed fittings and top cover caps provide a sleek, seamless look. All screws are made from rust-resistant stainless steel for long-lasting performance. Please note that the shower tray is not included but can be purchased separately from Elegant Showers.

Elegant Wet Room Panels 6mm Safety Tempered Glass Shower Screen Set & Return Panel

For an affordable and stylish addition to your bathroom, consider the Elegant Wet Room Panels 6mm Safety Tempered Glass Shower Screen Set & Return Panel, available for £96.00. Customise your setup with options for Panel A, Panel B, and a moving return panel, with prices varying based on your selection. The universal fitting design allows for left or right installation, while the corrosion-resistant polished aluminium frame provides a sturdy and safe structure. Waterproof performance is guaranteed, having passed multiple tests. The concealed fittings and top cover caps create a clean, elegant look, and all screws are made from stainless steel for rust resistance and longevity. Installation is straightforward with full instructions and all necessary fixings included.

Elegant Custom Size Framed Bi Fold Shower Enclosure 5mm Tempered Glass Shower Cubicle

Upgrade your bathroom with the Elegant Custom Size Framed Bi Fold Shower Enclosure, available for just £191.00. This versatile enclosure is offered in various sizes with a universal fitting, allowing you to choose the perfect door size, side panel size, and shower tray to suit your space.

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Designed to maximise bathroom space, the bi-fold door folds neatly into the enclosure, preventing any obstruction with other fixtures. This makes it an ideal solution for smaller bathrooms. The included sleek side panel ensures easy installation into almost any corner, with adjustable wall channels to accommodate uneven walls. Enjoy a stylish and functional shower experience without breaking the bank.

Elegant Black Fittings 760mm Clear Easy Clean Walk-In Shower Screen

Discover the Elegant Black Fittings 760mm Clear Easy Clean Walk-In Shower Screen, available for £101.99 at Elegant Showers. This walk-in shower screen is perfect for those seeking an accessible and stylish solution for their bathroom. Ideal for individuals with restricted mobility or the elderly, this shower screen eliminates the need to step over a bath edge, enhancing safety and ease of use.

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Its design allows it to fit seamlessly into smaller bathrooms, with glass panels that can blend effortlessly with tiled décor. The installation can be completed with or without a shower tray, offering flexibility to suit your needs. Enhance your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics with this elegant, easy-to-clean shower screen.

Choosing the right shower enclosure can significantly enhance your bathroom`s functionality and style without straining your budget. With Elegant Showers, you can find high-quality, affordable options that cater to various needs and preferences. Enjoy the perfect blend of elegance and practicality, transforming your bathroom into a luxurious yet affordable retreat.

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