If you are on the delightful journey to becoming a pet bird parent, specifically a parrot, and find yourself uncertain about what essentials to acquire or where to start, you are in the right place. This blog is dedicated to guiding you through everything you need to create a nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, and stimulating environment for your new feathered friend.Chewy offers some of the best pet products in the market today for pets of all shapes and sizes, which is why we have narrowed down the plethora of information so that you can make informed decisions. 


Complete Pet Parrot Kit From Chewy

Getting a pet parrot means you will need some essentials so that your parrot can stay happy and healthy. Here is a complete pet parrot kit from Chewy to help you navigate your way to becoming a responsible pet parent.


Open Playtop Bird Cage


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First things first, you will need to set up a forever home for your parrot. For this, you can buy the Yaheetech Open Playtop Bird Cage for USD 169.99 in black from Chewy. There is currently a 2 percent discount on this cage which means you will save USD 4.00 on your purchase. 

The open top design will allow you to easily interact with your pet parrot. The cage is big enough to accommodate a large bird or several medium sized birds. In terms of the materials, you can expect this cagr to be safe, durable, made from premium metal with a non toxic paint as finishing which make the cage rust and water resistant. The lock has a button lock and the feeder doors are hook locked. The removable slide out tray makes it a breeze to clean the cage when you need to. The tray has waterproof paint on it, the floor grate above prevents birds from walking on their droppings keeping them healthy and safe.


Mazuri Large Bird Food


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You can buy the Mazuri Large Bird Food from Chewy for USD 16.79 or USD 15.95 if you subscribe for autoship. This bird food comes in a 3lb bag packed with the necessary vitamins and mineral supplements that your pet parrot will need. So, you will not need to give them anything extra as this will offer them complete nutrition. 

Mazuri is better than seeds because it produces less waste, it is also completely free of any artificial flavors or colors. It is made with flaxseed which has a healthy dose of omega 3 fatty acids. Ideal for non breeding large parrots.


ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Daily Parrot and Conure Bird Food


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The ZuPreem FruitBlend is another food blend you should try from Chewy. You can buy it for USD 18.54 or USD 12.05 if you subscribe for autoship. Made in the USA, this diet offers a healthy and delicious daily feed packed with nutrition as it is made with natural fruit flavor. Ideal for picky birds, this food offers a complete diet so you don’t have to get extra minerals or supplements for your beaked buddy.


Mug Forager Bird Toy


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We have covered where your pet parrot will live and what you can feed them. Now here is how you can keep your pet bird entertained. You can buy the Super Bird Creations Mug Forager Toy for only USD 3.59 from Chewy. This made in USA toy is created from bird safe materials, you can fill this up with treats which will help maintain your pet birds instinct to forage. The see through cup will intrigue your pet parrot ultimately encouraging them to explore more. 

This Mug is ideal for small to medium birds keeping them entertained for hours on end, the lid is easy to lift, so you can easily fill the mug with treats. You get all this at a very low price tag for your beaked friend.


Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy


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As the name suggests this is a multi colored bridge toy for medium to large pet parrots. You can buy this for USD 10.96 from Chewy and easily install it inside the home of your bird. This toy is made from bird safe materials so your pet will remain safe. It contains numerous wood pieces that your pet parrot can chew on. The different texture and colors intrigue the bird to explore more. All in all this toy is not only entertaining but will also enhance the home of your pet. 

You can hang this toy vertically or horizontally with the help of the quick link connectors. Make sure you keep this toy clean with the help of a wet soft cloth as needed.


Parrot Cage With Detachable Stand


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The Yaheetech 69 inches parrot cage with detachable stand can be purchased from Chewy for USD 143.09 at 20 percent off, the original price is USD 178.99.This is another home you should consider getting for your pet parrot if they are bigger in size, or you are simply getting more than one pet. The cage is extra large giving ample space for your beaked buddy. Made from premium metal that is water and rust resistant.

This cage also comes with a lower storage shield, 2 detachable tier panels, 6 adjustable perches, 8 feeder dishes, 2 ladders, and 10 small doors. So, you be rest assured your pet will have plenty of room to stretch out and play in. 


Pet parrot parenthood is an enriching experience that brings joy and vibrancy into your home. By equipping yourself with the essential items from Chewy, you are not just creating a space for your feathered friend but building a foundation for a healthy, happy, and engaging life together. 

Remember, a parrot is not just a pet but a companion that deserves the best care and love. With the right cage to call home, nutritious food for vitality, and stimulating toys for endless entertainment, you are setting the stage for years of mutual affection and fun. Let the journey of your parrot begin with the best, and watch as your bond grows stronger with each passing day.

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