Ever felt frustrated with subpar sound during your gaming marathons? Whether you're lost in an epic campaign or immersed in a fierce multiplayer battle, crisp and clear audio is definitely a necessity. This is where Beyerdynamic steps in, offering a solution with their top-tier, German-engineered gaming headsets. Designed to transform your gaming experience, these headsets are a game-changer for those who demand excellence in audio quality and comfort.

As we explore each model, you'll understand why these headsets are revered by gamers worldwide. Let's delve into what makes them stand out in the crowded market of gaming accessories.


4 Best Selling Headsets For Gamers From Beyerdynamic

Choosing the right gaming headset is vital to achieving the ultimate gaming setup. Beyerdynamic headsets don’t just deliver superior sound but they envelop you in it. These headsets are built with cutting-edge technology to ensure that every footstep and whisper is heard in crystal-clear detail, enhancing your strategic edge. Moreover, all of these top-rated models come with the convenience of free shipping. For gamers who can’t wait to level up their audio experience, orders placed before 12pm will be dispatched the same working day. With that said, let’s explore some of the best sellers from Beyerdynamic.


MMX 200 Wireless

MMX 200 wireless | beyerdynamic


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Step into the world of superior gaming with the MMX 200 Wireless, priced at €199.00 VAT included. This headset isn't just about hearing the game; it's about feeling every moment. Rated at an impressive 4.54 stars by verified buyers, the MMX 200 brings studio-level sound and voice clarity right to your ears. The standout feature? Its removable META VOICE microphone ensures your commands come through crisp and clear, without the intrusion of background noise. With intuitive controls like the control wheel and META LINK SWITCH, every adjustment is at your fingertips, making it an effortless addition to your gaming arsenal.

Comfort meets advanced technology in the MMX 200 Wireless. Designed for marathon sessions, these headsets boast plush comfort that endures as long as you do. The cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity in hybrid mode offers low latency, ensuring that you're always in sync. A robust 35-hour battery life means you're equipped for the longest raids or the most intense battles. Plus, the 9.9 mm capsule captures your voice with lifelike accuracy, enhancing team communication. With META LINK CONNECT, the headset seamlessly integrates with your Bluetooth®-enabled devices, guaranteeing a flawless connection every time you play.


MMX 300

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Priced at €222.99 VAT included, the MMX 300 2nd Generation is evidence to Beyerdynamic's legacy of audio excellence, earning a stellar 4.78 customer rating. This headset combines a high-quality microphone capsule with a studio-level driver system, ensuring crystal-clear communication and precision sound reproduction. Whether you're navigating the battlefield or lost in a cinematic storyline, the MMX 300 delivers unmatched sound quality with impressive spatiality and powerful bass. The wired remote control enhances your control, making it perfect for both gaming and multimedia applications across PCs and consoles.

Crafted with the gamer's comfort in mind, the MMX 300 features velvety soft velour ear cushions that allow for hours of comfortable gameplay. Made in Germany, this headset not only promises outstanding precision sound and optimal speech intelligibility but also brings a touch of luxury to your gaming sessions. You can even personalize these headphones to make them uniquely yours. With its 32 ohms impedance, the MMX 300 excels in delivering a sound experience that's as expansive as it is immersive.


MMX 100

MMX 100: Geschlossenes Gaming Headset | beyerdynamic


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At only €79.00 VAT included, the MMX 100 from Beyerdynamic represents an unbeatable deal, complete with free shipping. This analog gaming headset delivers clear and precise studio-level sound that brings every game to life. Engineered for minimal ambient noise, the removable META VOICE microphone ensures your communication remains crystal clear across all your favorite gaming platforms, be it Xbox, PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch. The inclusion of a volume control wheel and a separate mute push button provides seamless operation, enhancing your gaming experience with practical ease.

Durability meets versatile design in the MMX 100. With its detachable and replaceable mic and cable, this headset is built to last and adapt to your gaming needs. Whether you're diving into an intense multiplayer session or enjoying a solo adventure, the MMX 100’s high-resolution sound, powered by Beyerdynamic’s specially optimized 40 mm driver systems, ensures immersive audio quality. This headset is the perfect ally for any console enthusiast looking for cross-platform compatibility and premium sound performance.


MMX 150

MMX 150: Geschlossenes Gaming Headset | beyerdynamic


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Priced at €99.00 VAT included, the MMX 150 offers exceptional value for a USB gaming headset from Beyerdynamic. Designed for long gaming sessions, this headset boasts outstanding wearing comfort, letting you immerse yourself in high-quality sound without distraction. The integrated volume wheel features additional controls for mute and an innovative augmented mode, which allows real-time monitoring of your surroundings, enhancing your gameplay with added awareness.

The MMX 150 ensures optimal compatibility with PC, PlayStation, and Switch via USB, while also supporting Xbox through an included analog cable. This headset is equipped with Beyerdynamic’s 40 mm driver systems, which are fine-tuned specifically for gaming, delivering sound precision that can transform any gaming session. Additionally, the META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone with a 9.9 mm capsule ensures your voice remains clear and natural, reducing loud background noise and keeping you fully immersed in the game. 

Beyerdynamic's lineup of gaming headsets embodies the perfect fusion of German engineering prowess and gamer-centric innovation. Each model, from the budget-friendly MMX 100 to the deluxe MMX 300, is crafted to elevate your gaming experience by providing unparalleled audio clarity, ergonomic comfort, and robust functionality. With features tailored to enhance every session, these headsets ensure you're fully immersed in its world. 

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