Finding the perfect activewear is akin to discovering a second skin,  one that embraces every curve with comfort and enhances your workout experience. This search is even more rewarding when you stumble upon a brand that offers premium quality without the premium price tag. Athleta stands out in the world of women’s sports apparel, offering gear that not only supports your fitness journey but also aligns with your style.

With Athleta, you’re choosing a companion for every stretch, stride, and sprint in your fitness regimen.


Best Selling Athleta Activewear For Women

The right gear for your fitness journey is an essential and Athleta’s best-selling activewear for women in 2024 offers the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality.Each piece is designed with the modern athlete in mind, ensuring that you feel supported, look great, and can focus on pushing your limits. 

Whether you`re a yoga enthusiast, a dedicated runner, or someone who finds their strength in the calm of meditation, Athleta has something that caters to every aspect of your active lifestyle. Let’s dive into the top picks that have won the hearts of fitness enthusiasts this year.


Interval Stash Capri




The Interval Stash Capri stands as a testament to Athleta`s commitment to blending performance, style, and sustainability into every stitch. You can buy this Stach Capri with new powermove fabric for only $99.00. Available from sizes XXS to XL in dark lapis blue, black, and granite blue. Once you visit the website, you can also use the size guide to make sure you get the right size.

The innovative PowerMove fabric, a choice that echoes the brand`s dedication to eco-conscious fashion by utilizing recycled materials. Designed to deliver medium compression, it ensures you stay cool and comfortable through even the most intense workout sessions. Whether you`re powering through a gym session or taking your strides outdoors, the Interval Stash Capri promises a snug fit at the waist, guaranteeing comfort and confidence as you move.


Momentum Seamless Tank




Pair your Interval Stash Capri with the Momentum Seamless Tank for a complete, harmonious activewear ensemble that speaks volumes of style and functionality. This stunning tank, priced at just $49.00, is not only a testament to Athleta`s commitment to affordable quality but also a fan favorite, as evidenced by its impressive tally of 6,509 reviews from verified customers.

Crafted for high performance, the Momentum Seamless Tank is designed with meticulous attention to detail. It features exceptional ventilation to keep you cool under pressure, alongside UV protection to shield you from the sun`s harmful rays during outdoor workouts. Available in an extensive range of sizes from XXS to 2X, this tank offers a plethora of color options, allowing you to personalize your workout wardrobe to your liking. 

Additionally, the thoughtful inclusion of grippers at the inner hem ensures that the tank stays in place, allowing you to focus on your workout without any distractions.


Conscious Crop Bra A-C




Enhance your studio class experience with the Conscious Crop Bra from Athleta, now available at a promotional price of just $59.00. This crop bra merges style and functionality, offering a selection of stunning colors and prints to suit your personal taste. Available in sizes ranging from XS to XL, Athleta makes it easy to find your perfect fit with an online size guide.

The Conscious Crop Bra is designed with pilates, yoga, and other studio activities in mind, crafted from a soft, comfortable fabric that provides the right amount of compression for optimal performance. 

The built-in bra ensures additional support and maintains a natural shape, allowing you to move with confidence and ease. Plus, with fast, free shipping, you won`t have to wait long to add this essential piece to your activewear collection and start enjoying your workouts in comfort and style.


Train Free Bra D-DD




Considering the design and what you’re getting this training bra is definitely a steal for only $49.00 and £34.99 on Athleta sale. Athleta caters to a broad range of preferences with an extensive selection of colors, ensuring that every woman finds her perfect match. Available in sizes XS to XL, this bra is designed to accompany you through the most vigorous cardio sessions, running, training, and any activity that lies in between.

Crafted from recycled supersonic fabric, the Train Free Bra underscores Athleta`s commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance. It provides the right level of compression needed for high-impact activities, ensuring comfort and support throughout your workout. 

The strappy racerback design not only turns heads but also enhances airflow, keeping you cool during intense exercise routines. Coupled with lightning-speed shipping, Athleta makes sure you’re quickly equipped to tackle your fitness goals with style and confidence.


Salutation Stash ⅞ Tight





Complete your activewear ensemble with the Salutation Stash ⅞ Tights, a perfect match for the Train Free Bra, and designed to support you through every workout. These tights redefine comfort, allowing for full flexibility and ease, whether you`re lunging, stretching, or engaging in a high-intensity session.


Athleta ensures that every preference is catered to, offering a broad selection of colors and sizes for this premium product. Priced at $109, these tights are an investment in your fitness and well-being, accompanied by the convenience of fast shipping.

Crafted from the soft and supportive Powervita fabric, the Salutation Stash Tights go beyond traditional activewear with the inclusion of side pockets. Thoughtfully designed to hold your essentials securely, setting these tights apart in a market often lacking in functionality. The exceptional stretch and breathability of the fabric enhance their appeal, ensuring that you remain comfortable and cool, no matter the intensity of your workout. 

Athleta activewear is sure to offer you the right pieces that can transform your workout experience from routine to remarkable. With a focus on sustainability, comfort, and style, Athleta offers more than just clothing but it provides an upgrade to your fitness lifestyle. As you push your limits, remember that the best workouts start with the best gear.

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