Prepare to be amazed by Charlotte Tilbury's latest launch, where science and scent converge to revolutionize your emotional well-being. This groundbreaking collection features six perfumes designed to enhance and transform your emotions, leveraging 40 years of neuroscience research. Remember the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, where the protagonist could control people through scent? While these perfumes won’t give you mind control, they come astonishingly close in terms of emotional impact. Let's explore how these innovative fragrances can elevate your daily experiences and moods.


The Emotional Power of Perfume

Perfumes have always been more than just a pleasant aroma. They connect to our memories and instincts, influencing our feelings in profound ways. The company’s new line of six perfumes takes this connection to the next level by actively enhancing emotions. These scents are emotional superpowers in a bottle.

Imagine going on the most groundbreaking, revolutionary fragrance journey of your life. These six new perfumes, powered by Emotion-Boosting Molecules, are designed to enhance feelings of love, happiness, seduction, serenity, energy, and empowerment. This collection is the result of collaboration with world-renowned perfumers, cutting-edge technology, and over 40 years of research.

Fragrance has an almost magical ability to unlock memories and emotions, creating a transformative aura around you. For this collection, Charlotte Tilbury utilized the expertise of master perfumers Anne Flipo, Juliette Karagueuzoglou, and Dominique Ropion. These industry leaders distilled Charlotte’s vision into each fragrance, using the highest quality ingredients for an exceptional scent trail lasting up to 18 hours.

The development of these perfumes involved extensive neuroscience research and the use of the IFF SCENTCUBE™ algorithm. This innovative technology identifies notes and accords proven to enhance specific emotions, collected through unconscious and conscious studies into brain and scent emotions. The result is a palette of fragrances that can evoke powerful feelings, allowing you to architect your dream day and night.

Each fragrance in this collection is like a portal to a new world, igniting an aura and a path to your desired emotional state. Whether you want to feel joyful, calm, seductive, loving, empowered, or energized, there’s a scent designed to help you achieve that mood. By spraying these fragrances on your pulse points and creating a scent aura around you, you can amplify these feelings and step into the magical universe of Charlotte Tilbury’s Fragrance Collection of Emotions.

These perfumes are a true innovation in the world of fragrance, blending the art of scent with the science of emotions. With these scents, you can transform the way you feel and create a magical aura that enhances your daily experiences. Discover the extraordinary power of these groundbreaking perfumes and let your emotions soar.

Now, let’s dive into each of these emotion-boosting scents individually and explore how they can enhance your mood and transform your day.


Meet the Six Emotion-Boosting Scents

You can purchase 10ml of these transformative perfumes for £20.00 or opt for the full 100ml experience for £100.00.



Joyphoria 100ml: Warm Floral Vanilla Perfume EDP

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Joyphoria is happiness in a bottle, designed to transport you to a euphoric summer paradise. Blending summer-blooming white florals, it feels like a ray of golden sunshine. With uplifting neroli oil, sun-kissed ylang ylang, and joyful petitgrain oil, this fragrance creates a balmy, warm, and radiant aura. The intoxicating tuberose absolute and enchanting vanilla bean extract make Joyphoria a perfect celebration of happiness.

  • Top Notes: Joyful petitgrain oil, euphoric coconut water accord, uplifting neroli oil

  • Heart Notes: Intoxicating tuberose absolute, warm jasmine sambac, radiant ylang ylang

  • Base Notes: Enchanting vanilla bean extract, velvety cashmere wood, powdery musks


Calm Bliss

Calm Bliss 100ml: Fresh Aquatic Perfume EDP

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Calm Bliss gently manifests tranquility and serenity, illuminated by sparkling neroli oil for a fresh and floral facet. The peacefulness is embodied by natural lavandin, giving it a distinctive floral and aromatic character. Combined with the weightlessness of a watery accord, and the softness of white musks, this fragrance creates a beautiful, tranquil aroma.

  • Top Notes: Fresh bergamot oil, sweet neroli oil, relaxing lavandin oil

  • Heart Notes: Soothing orange flower absolute, refreshing watery accord

  • Base Notes: Warm tonka bean accord, pure white musks, peaceful orris concrete


More Sex

More Sex 100ml: Musky Sandalwood Fragrance EDP

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More Sex is seductive temptation in a bottle. This musky leather fragrance with sandalwood is designed to boost feelings of seduction. The bold black pepper oil and magnetic juniper berry oil create an intoxicating allure. Combined with a seductive sexual accord, this fragrance glides over your skin, leaving a hypnotic, sexy scent trail.

  • Top Notes: Bold black pepper oil, magnetic juniper berry oil

  • Heart Notes: Seductive sexual accord (ambroxan, sexual musk, aldron), addictive leather accord

  • Base Notes: Velvety musk, caressing ambery wood, sensual sandalwood oil


Love Frequency

Love Frequency 100ml: Woody Floral Perfume EDP

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Love Frequency is the perfect scent of eternal and all-encompassing love. It elicits feelings of love with a vibrant union of bold patchouli, sensual woody notes, and velvety musks. The sultry saffron, romantic rose, and hypnotic rose essential create an exceptional scent trail that lasts up to 18 hours, making your heart dance.

  • Top Notes: Addictive pink pepper

  • Heart Notes: Sultry saffron, romantic rose ultimate extract, hypnotic rose essential

  • Base Notes: Sensual musk, alluring cashmeran, captivating ambery woods, intoxicating patchouli heart


Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power 100ml: Spicy Amber Perfume EDP

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Cosmic Power is empowerment in a bottle. This luxurious and opulent symphony of spices combines bold black pepper oil, divine cinnamon bark oil, and fresh woody elemi oil. The powerful combination of mystical amber and enchanting vanilla bean extract creates a warm, spicy, and addictive signature that transports you on a magnetic journey into your inner self.

  • Top Notes: Bold black pepper oil, divine cinnamon bark oil, uplifting bergamot oil, fresh woody elemi oil

  • Heart Notes: Opulent rose ultimate, empowering frankincense accord

  • Base Notes: Mystical amber accord, enchanting vanilla bean extract, powdery musks


Magic Energy

Magic Energy 100ml: Woody Fresh Perfume with Bergamot EDP

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Magic Energy is a sophisticated and reawakening scent that connects you to the four elements of nature. The crisp and effervescent bergamot brings a fresh, floral, zesty note with a hint of spice, while the creamy and aromatic palo santo accord and resinous frankincense imbue it with fire. Grounding cypress ultimate connects the fragrance with earth, and the marine-like seaweed extract adds a splash of energy.

  • Top Notes: Reawakening bergamot oil, earthy myrtle oil

  • Heart Notes: Sophisticated cypress ultimate, sweet jasmine sambac, refreshing seaweed absolute

  • Base Notes: Cashmere wood, spiritual palo santo accord, ambergris accord, olibanum resinoid


The Science Behind the Scents

Charlotte Tilbury’s perfumes are crafted with emotion-boosting molecules that work on the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotion and memory. This ensures that each spray not only smells divine but also has a tangible effect on your mood. Imagine feeling more confident, more relaxed, or more in love, just by choosing the right scent. The development of these perfumes involved extensive neuroscience research and the use of the IFF SCENTCUBE™ algorithm, which identifies notes and accords proven to enhance specific emotions. The result is a palette of fragrances that can evoke powerful feelings, allowing you to architect your dream day and night.

When you shop for these mood changing perfumes, you’re investing in your emotional well-being. Enjoy secure payments, fast shipping, and a hassle-free return policy. Plus, keep an eye out for Charlotte Tilbury discount codes to make your purchase even sweeter. Each 10ml bottle can be purchased for £20.00, and the full 100ml experience is available for £100.00. Enhance your daily experiences with these transformative scents and discover the extraordinary power of fragrance.

Charlotte Tilbury’s new perfumes are a game-changer in the fragrance world. They promise not just a delightful scent, but a real transformation in how you feel. Whether you want to feel joyful, calm, seductive, loving, empowered, or energized, there’s a scent designed just for you. Explore this revolutionary collection and boost your emotions with each spray. 

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